Big Cash with Tailoring in Cata

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There have been tons of people who have basically “quit” at farming for mats or crafting items for Tailoring professions with the release of Cataclysm. Many people just aren’t able to turn profits by selling items on the AH anymore, and although this is true, there is by no means no more ways to make cash with tailoring in Cataclysm. Read on and you’ll discover that there are in fact many other ways to make cash in Cataclysm with tailoring if you simply look outside the realm of normal tailoring techniques and farming tactics.

With the release of cata I’ve spent weeks and weeks condensing what I think to be the best farming techniques for tailoring and sifting through the duds to find the nuggets of true money making brilliance with Tailoring. There is still definitely money out there to be made.

The real truth is that a lot of the solid info is lost between the misinformation and the promises of getting thousands and thousands of gold overnight without doing any hard work. This is simply a myth. There isn’t any one “easy way” to make thousands of gold without putting any work in but there are tried and true methods that you can start implementing today to make huge cash profits.

The tale that I see and hear time and time again from players is the old supply and demand dilemna. Many players are all crafting certain recipes to sell on the Auction House because they are the only ones they believe to be “highly profitable”. However, there are more sellers than there are buyers which eventually turns into players undercutting each other which only causes more chaos.

But let’s pause there for a moment and take a few minutes to analyze a few things.

Although certain items ARE being overrun by players this is actually a good thing. While players are all crowded over “There” trying to squeeze water out of a rock, this is freeing up a lot of space in OTHER areas of the Auction House for tailors with a sharp mind to make a killing…if they do it right.

First off, Rich Purple Shirts have always and will continue to be great sellers. You should always be paying close attention to the Auction House and snatching these things whenever you have the chance to. If you can craft these without spending too much cash on the mats then this is definitely a good option as well.

Secondly, grabbing as much frostweave as you can is another great idea. As long as you can find the mats at a decent price then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making massive amounts of gold with these things…I don’t really think that farming for frostweave is a good idea as it really isn’t worth the effort put into it but always be checking out the market for good prices.

Disenchanting craftable items is also an awesome way to make money with tailoring. If you have enchanting as your second main profession then this is absolutely perfect for you. Even if you don’t, it usually isn’t too difficult to find a friend or guildmate who would happily do this for free for you.

Runecloth is usually in a low-demand market so you can often get tons of this stuff without spending too much cashola. Runecloth headbands are a great way to make cash so stocking up on this stuff is a great idea. These can be DE’d and then sold back on the AH for a nice profit.

I think the key concept or mindset that you should adopt out out this article is finding good items with cheap mats and then finding inventive ways to flip them for profits. Getting items with low demand mats and high demand finished products are great ways to make cash. These are only a few examples I’ve given so I urge you to do your own experimentation and find what works for you.

Stocking up on dreamcloth is also a good idea, with patch 4.2 coming up there are going to be a bunch of new craftable items that are going to leave players drooling on the market, so be sure to stay ahead of the curve and be one of the first onces to have these on the AH before the prices shoot down.

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Get Ready for Patch 4.1!

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Since the recent release of the PTR I’ve been having a blast running around beating down players in the arenas and even getting owned a few times myself. There’s a lot of exciting new things on the horizon with the onset of this patch. Still feel a little nervous though? That’s alright, there’s still plenty of time to prepare yourself and prime the pump for your best money making period to date…lets get started!

You might be asking HOW…thats possible.

And honestly, I can’t give you ONE single straight answer. There’s going to be a ton of new ways to farm to your hearts content and stockpile huge amounts of moolah in the bank for whatever you might be saving up for.

I’ve compiled a really great “checklist” of things that you’re going to want to pay close attention to if you want to make the most of this patch. These might not all be applicable or useful to you, but they are certainly viable and practical strategies that I think you’re going to find a lot of use out of.

* Still got obsidium or uncommen gems laying around in your bank account? It’d be a wise idea to get rid of them, the markets are going to be pretty shaky for awhile and it’s tough to see which way it will going.

* This one is especially useful if you’re an enchanter looking for good ways to profit off of patch 4.1.
Heading over to ZA and farming whatever you need would be a wise idea, grabbing the executioner enchant would be a great idea.

* With the onset of 4.1 there are going to be a lot of new achievements and unlockables so pet’s are going to have quite a high demand. Snatching vendor pets and if you’re engineer, crafting pets would be another great idea as they will be in high demand for several weeks after the patch hits.

* Stockpiling as many volatiles as you can would also be a good idea, I’d stay far away from Volatile Life’s however as there will more than likely be a ton of those on the market due to the botters that are found everywhere.

* With the new heroics that are coming out, this also means new equipment that will be getting dropped. This inevitably leads to high gem demand, if you’re a jewelcrafter try and craft as many “static stats” as possible…if not just buy them whenever cheap on the Auction House

* Again, with the new heroics that are just around the corner, enchants will be in high demand as well. Get as many useful enchant scrolls as possible, check the heroic dungeon lootdrops to see which enchanting scrolls will be the most useful to have.

* Any type of craftable such as armor for leggings, spellthread, and belt buckles will be good for selling once the patch hits as well. This goes out to all those tailors and leatherworkers out there.

* Maelstrom Crystals will be selling pretty well for awhile too, so save up those honor points! This probably won’t last long though so cash in while the getting’s good.

That’s about it! Hope this serves you well. As per usual, try and find good items on the AH that you think would be in high demand on your server. A lot of times, certain servers need other items than others depending on what the prices are. I tried to included most of the professions up there but if it wasn’t listed try brainstorming a few ideas on possible high demand items that’ll be needed with the new patch.

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Staying Motivated in a Slump

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I just found this awesome video by a man that I both admire and respect, I think you should check it out:

This doesn’t really have much bearing on WoW, but I think this mindset can be “transferred” over to Making gold in WOW. As long as you stay motivated, no matter what the circumstances…eventually you will succeed.

Hope you can take this home and learn a little bit from it.

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